Bordervilles is a podcast made around the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in Jan-March 2022; part documentary, part field recordings, interviews and soundscape. Made with the support of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland through the Creative Individual Recovery Programme, produced by Otto Schlindwein

Otto talks to eminent archeologist Dr Brian Lacey about borders from ancient times that still define the landscape of today.  Otto goes up the Hill

A slow radio vibe at the Clady Bridge border followed by a chat with historian Dr Adrian Grant about partition. Otto heads on along the border into the sound of birdsong. 

Otto stumbles onto a stone circle, stands on another international border bridge and meets ‘Scotty’ Mick, a Glaswegian and long time resident of Pettigo.

A bit of slow radio from St Patrick’s Chair in Altadaven Glen and a chat with a local singer songwriter legend Sean Mone about life in Keady.

Otto meets a local folklore and history enthusiast who is a fountain of knowledge about the Gap of the North.

Reflections on the stories, generosity and enthusiasm of people along the border.